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Stainless Strapless Toe Clips - $80 per Pair


Designed by Bruce Gordon and still made in Petaluma, CA on the same fixtures Bruce used. Constructed from 3/16" stainless tubing and silver brazed. These toe clips are an elegant addition to any bike. Bruce’s minimalistic approach to the toe clip is what makes this handmade product so sleek. Delicate arches, rounded tubing, and lack of logo make this an understated accessory for your bike.

Two Models - Regular or Boot Fit for large toed shoes

Sizes available -

Small (shoe size men's 10 and under)
Medium (men's 10 to 11.5)
Large (men's 12 and up)

$80 per pair
Ships USPS Priority Mail in the US.
International orders: Please email us for a shipping price.

Pedals not included


  • Small Regular - 80% in stock
  • Medium Regular - 60% in stock
  • Large Regular - 100% in stock
  • Small Boot - 100% in stock
  • Medium Boot - 83% in stock
  • Large Boot - 100% in stock