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Rock 'n Road All Terrain 700 x 43mm Tire


700 x 43

The original Rock n' Road tire, built by Panaracer in Japan, this tire is ideal for all-purpose riding. Not a full road tire, not a full dirt tire, but a great all-arounder.

Ships USPS Priority Mail in the US.
To order from locations outside the US, please send us your address and we'll calculate shipping costs.

The things you need to know:
  • The new tire measures out at a nice 43mm ( or 1.72" for the Imperial folks) x 700c.
  • It's lighter than the original. Our 43mm x 700c samples all weighed right about 540g.
  • We payed extra for top quality! Japanese built by Panaracer, the tire has a nice kevlar folding bead and a classic gumwall.

Please make sure that the bike you are fitting the tires on has enough clearance. Your bike must also have 43.5cm chain stays.

PLEASE MEASURE before ordering!!! Don't just hope they will fit!!!

See the dimensions and the necessary clearances in picture 4 & 5.

**Covid is impacting the availability for shipping to certain areas. We'll communicate if this is the case.


  • Gumwall Rock 'n Road Tire - 100% in stock
  • Blackwall Rock 'n Road Tire - 94% in stock