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White Industries Pedals with SS Clips


White Industries, a high-end bicycle component manufacturer right here in Petaluma, California, makes the very best touring/ commuting pedals available.

Our stainless strapless clips are the best of their class.

It's a combination made in the chicken capital of the world. To sweeten the pot, we offer the pair for $40 less than if they are bought separately.

White Industries Pedals are included in this package deal.

Please specify if you'd prefer the pedals to be Black or Silver, and which size of stainless strapless clips are best for your feet. HERE is more information about the White Industries pedals.

About sizing:

They run larger than traditional sizing:

Small (US size 10 and under)
Medium (US size 10 to 12.5)
Large (US size 13 and up)

Boot Clips, for boots, larger-toed shoes (such as Keens), are available.

The weight of a pair of Mediums is 68 grams per pair or 2.2 ounces per pair.


  • Silver Pedals, Small Clips - 0% in stock
    Sold Out
  • Silver Pedals, Med Clips - 32% in stock
  • Silver Pedals, Large Clips - 72% in stock
  • Black Pedals, Small Clips - 76% in stock
  • Black Pedals, Med Clips - 60% in stock
  • Black Pedals, Large Clips - 80% in stock
  • Silver Pedals, Sm Boot Clips - 72% in stock
  • Silver Pedals, Med Boot Clips - 68% in stock
  • Silver Pedals, Large Boot Clips - 84% in stock
  • Black Pedals, Sm Boot Clips - 96% in stock
  • Black Pedals, Med Boot Clips - 80% in stock
  • Black Pedals, Large Boot Clips - 88% in stock