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Front Lowriding Rack


Please consult our Rack Fitting page to order the rack that is the right size for your bicycle. Please take rack sizing measurements and contact us to ensure you receive the correct size rack.

Our Front Lowriding Rack is the best-made, finest looking front bicycle rack on the market.

Its unique one-piece construction incorporates a number of thoughtful design touches that add to the function of any touring bike. It is made with aircraft grade tubing, and all rack joints are machine mitered more precisely than most bicycle frames. A slight outward cant at the bottom of the rack not only facilitates wheel removal, but guarantees that your pack can't chafe on the quick release skewer or from axle. And the superior strength and rigidity afforded by its chrome-moly tubing means more of your energy can be spent covering miles, not fighting to control the weight of your loaded bicycle.

You can ride farther, easier and more securely, on or off the road.

Features: Machine mitered joints, separate fender mounting eyelets, 4130 chrome-moly tubing (tensile strength 95000 psi, more than twice that of 6061 T aluminum).

Area of pannier support: 81 square inches. Fully adjustable to fit almost any bike. TIG welded by hand.